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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  August 17, 2011 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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teen is stabbed outside this mcdonald's in downtown san jose. now he wants the owners to pay. good morning, i'm marla tellez. live with that story coming up. plus a new effort to make sure what happened to jaycee dugard does not happen again. oakland city leaders calling for a fresh look at teen curfews and gang injunctions after a 3-year-old boy was killed in a drive by shooting. i'm christie smith. i'll have that story coming up in a live report. let's start the day taking a live look outside at the south bay. we'll check in with the pro in a bit. wednesday august 17th, this is "today in the bay." good morning. thanks so much for joining us. it is 5:00. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm jon kelley. how about an early morning weather check. how about christina loren to
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tell us about it. >> how about it. how about a nice day. we've got one for you. it's going to be comfortable considering this month we haven't seen triple digits. warmest cities across the bay. areas with visibility santa rosa, novato, san francisco even, those will be the coolest, the best weather today. warm, a couple of 90s on the temperature map today. it's not going to last long. we'll break it down in the full forecast. let's find how the roads look with mike. >> we have some activity northbound 101 getting into san francisco at cesar chavez street. the accident happened over a half hour ago, over half hour ago with an ambulance. it was hit. no major injuries. the ambulance on scene. chp blocking lower lanes east bay fine into the city. >> let's hope it stays that way. >> i hope so. >> mike and laura, a teenager who a says he nearly died after he was stabbed at mcdonald's in downtown san jose is now suing
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that restaurant's owner. "today in the bay's" marla tellez live with the franchise in san jose with more. good morning, marla. >> reporter: good morning, jon. you know, we actually covered this story when it happened back in june. it was a big fight in this parking lot right here at the mcdonald's at san carlos and third street. just a few blocks removed from downtown. in fact some video from the scene that night on june 9th. among the brawl, 17-year-old was stabbed. now he's suing the restaurant owners for negligence and premises liability saying they failed to have security or adequate staffing that night. this is according to papers filed in santa clara superior court. the attack happened after san jose's popular thursday night music in the park, hence, larger than normal crowds in this parking lot.
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prada says he didn't attend, instead just a mcdonald's customer. he says he was attacked for his ipod. now he wants the owners here to pay for his medical expensers. hess attorney tells mercury news, he sees one of the people who they have a duty to protected, which is their customers. the mcdonald's here isn't open just yet. it opens at 6:00. in a live look you can see they do have 24 hour security surveillance cameras posted throughout the parking lot. also you can't even park inside the lot at this time. it is chained up. there is a sign that says so. mcdonald's will gate and chain property as of 8:00 at night. now, whether or not the security cameras were put up after the nun 9th incident, that is unknown this morning. john, i should also mention that his mother is also named as part of the lawsuit. >> marla in san jose, thank you
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for the report. 5:03. jayee dugard highlighted lapses in parole rules. they will introduce a plan that would broaden information used to evaluate an inmate. state senator ted gains will introduce the parole act of 2011. among the proposed changes, the parole board would be allowed to consider any prior convictions for the inmate and it would require the inmate to produce proof they are actually ready for parole. right now the board can only consider an inmate's behavior in prison when evaluating him or her for parole. time now is 5:04. firefighters balancinging a wildfire burning near lake tahoe this morning. so far the fire has consumed 2,000 acres in the sierra. it's burning in douglas county, nevada, southeast of lake tahoe. there are evacuations in place for dozens of homes out there. at first light, planes loaded with fire retardant will return to the air to aid in the fight. the fire right now is about 20%
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contained. recent killing of a toddler on a busy street in oakland shaking people out of their deep south. now not tolerating violence, terroridesing neighborhoods carried out. christie smith joins us live in oakland with what they are considering. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, laura. oakland's police chief has been asking for a teen curfew for quite sometime. most major american cities have them. san jose has one on the books, so does san francisco. there's been quite a bit of resistance in oakland. the debate is back in light of what happened in oakland. within the week police arrested two men in connection with the drive by shooting that killed a 3-year-old boy august 8th in oakland. willie torence awaiting extradition from nevada. dugard due back to enter a plea. police believe the shooting was most likely gang related. 3-year-old carlos nava hit by a stray bullet.
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now at least two councilmembers here in oakland are calling for a citywide curfew and full implementation of the fruitvale gang injunction into oohs and west oakland. in the past many in oakland argued this whole thing was far too reaching and might lead to racial profiling and a violation of people's civil rights. councilmember says its over due >> all the cities not only have gang in junes but curfews, many of the things we're proposing. we are a crisis here. we have people dying. >> reporter: services for little carlos nava were held yesterday at st. bernard church in oakland. wanted to mention right now oakland has 75 homicides so far this year compared with 52 this time last year. reporting live in oakland, christie smith, today if the bay. >> all right. thank you very much, christie for the update. this morning we're learning
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a woman who robbed a bank in san francisco's inner sunset neighborhood may have carried out at least two other bank robberies in the city. here is a surveillance picture of her in action. take a look. we're told the most recent robbery happened around 2:30 monday at a citibank on irving street. the woman went into the bank, pointed a gun at the teller and demanded the money. the teller gave her the cash. the woman also matched the description of the robber in a san francisco fire credit union branch on buckingham way near the galleria mall twice in july. anyone with any information in this is asked to call the police. it's 5:07 right now, looking forward to a pretty nice day across the bay area. let's check in with meteorologist christina loren. >> good morning to you. always thinking about the weekend once wednesday rolls around. this weekend looks pretty good. we're going to get through two warm days and start to cool off substantially just in time for the all important weekend. this morning what we're noticing is fog rolling in from the north bay and kind of creeping to the south. watch out for reduced visibilities in santa rosa now.
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just got a mile and a quarter of visibility. that's going to keep you cool later on this afternoon. take you through hour by hour forecast. right now we're in the 50s, 54 degrees in oakland. stop the clock at 8:00 a.m., 57 degrees as you make your way out the front door and on your way to work. by 10:00 a.m., all that fog starts to push back. the marine layer starts to push back out to sea, so oakland will be completely clear by 10:00. by noon as you break for lunch, low 70s, then round out the day. couple of warm spots, 90 in fairfield. the warmest day of the week, i've got that all important weekend forecast or extended forecast. and a lot of kids headed back to school next week as well, we'll help you get them dressed right. we'll help you get them out the front door. >> some kids getting the last burst of summer, some wishing it was still warmer. east bayshore, a little vacation break for these folks 18 minutes
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drive off cardenas off golden gate, maze a smooth drive for all, towards the toll plaza. the construction is for the lower deck out of san francisco. but getting into san francisco we had an earlier accident. all lanes reported clear 101 cesar chavez. an update, it was not an ambulance involved, a chp vehicle, cruiser involved got hit by a passenger vehicle. that passenger vehicle had a minor injury. this is cleared for the roadway. north of here, golden gate bridge, live shot shows you a fog like christina is talking about. we'll watch for that to clear early. now deal with lower visibility, fewer cars on the road right now. back to you. >> thank you very much. a's fans getting national attention this morning. check out these two guys. the guy on the left's shirt flashing the a's logo, cool shirt. caught the eyes of the crews and umpires. one of the umps stopped the game and told the guy to turn his shirt off because it was
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distracting. for his trouble he got boos for it. cool idea. you know what's more frightening when some of those guys take their shirts off. >> you're out of there. >> scary. a lot of bay area schools, including one hit four times in the span of a week. details coming up. wow, bay area police chief getting ready to appear before the police commission for a review. we will tell you why. plus you might see one of these cars cruising through the city today. we're going to tell you who the very special sign is coming up. laura, i know you love this one. details about the sonoma wine giveaway contest on the facebook page. to win you have to know that secret word, country. n ecauernthe t contest using that word, find a link on our
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facebook page nbc bay area morning
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have fun. c
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some good news today, laura got up extra early, pointed the camera to san jose. that's the live look. we'll have weather and traffic in a few moments. the time is 5:13. >> back to school is a special time of year for many kids. in joplin, missouri, the school year is different. much of the small town destroyed by a tornado may 22nd. school officials have to make adjustments. 11th and 12th graders who normally would have attend the joplin high will go to the mall instead so the school can be rebuilt. every student will get a backpack donated from people around the world. also a laptop to keep for their very own. concern over europe's economy could mean more trouble
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for stock markets this morning. cnbc live with more news before the bell >> stock futures pointing to a higher open after a three-day streak. they were upset by comments from sarkozy and angela merkel. they were meeting to try to come up with solutions to the growing debt crisis. watch shares of dell as well, the pc giant cutting sales targets warning of slower consumer sales. also asian markets cautious overnight, europe, of course, lower. data on producer prices today. more retail earnings from the likes of target and staples. dow dropped 76 tuesday to, nasdaq losing one, 2523. hostile takeover, sab miller taking a hostile $10 million
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offer for fosters. deal would combine miller with foster's victoria bitter and cascades beer. also be the largest deal in the industry since the anheuser busch deal in 2008. you'll love this one, laura, abercrombie & fitch doesn't like this situation. they are offering to pay mike "the situation" sorrentino to not wear its clothing. abercrombie is concerned his association with the brand could hurt the image. abercrombie has extended the offer to other members of the show. that's it for cnbc headquarters, jackie, back to you. >> just those images hurt me this morning. thank you very much. way too much in the morning. sweet ride for a bay area marine sergeant who recently returned from a seventh month tour in afghanistan. he will be awarded with his service in a tour through san francisco in a car, part of the
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promotion for sonoma. the drive will start at noon at comcast sports net studios on 3rd street in san francisco and end up at the italia restaurant. >> all right. sounds fun. want to check the forecast with christina loren. you're mentioning the warmest day of the week. >> warmest day but not all that warm. couple of 90s, that's it. comfortable that's what this month has been overall. you consider the fact that august is one of those months where we see unhealthy air quality. we're sparing the air. this month good air quality almost every single day so far. of course as we end up, i'd say the next 10 days as we round out this month, do i think we start to warm up just a little bit. after you average everything out, it's going to look like one of those months where temperatures were below average overall. as we head throughout the day today. going to be above average today and tomorrow. two days only. then we start to fall yet again. another cooldown on the way to the bay. always seeing a changing
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forecast. this time of year, though, hasn't changed all that much. it's been kind of consistent. we do have a mile and a quarter visibility in santa rosa, five miles in novato. temperatures are a little cooler where we are seeing that low cloud cover this morning. we're in the 50s and 60s in some spots, 60 in san jose. we're even seeing reduced visibility in san jose at this time. watch out on your way to work especially getting those little ones out that front door. as we head through the next three days temperatures level off and we start to drop off friday through the weekend. mostly cloudy starts make way to mostly sunny comfortable afternoons. here is what we can expect through the next several days as high pressure builds in. also start to see the breeze pick up each and every afternoon starting to see offshore winds pumpg from land to sea. for us that means a nice, clear start tomorrow. i think it will be the clearest start of the week. 87 degrees. then our temperatures fall back into the 70s sunday through the start of next week. all right. let's check that drive right now with mike. >> all right, christina, we'll
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take you out to antioch. stalled vehicle at summersville, cleared the roadway, folks swerving to avoid that now easier drive holding up 62 off hick. we usually see slowing around l street in 15 minutes. we'll track that. baypoint holding up nicely. speeds dipping towards the 50s coming back up towards the 60s now. earlier accident over on the shoulder, getting onto concord, northbound 680, keep that in mind heading through the area northbound 680, on ramp at concord. 680 in both directions, construction there as well, dublin interchange, no problems out of the altamont pass, same interchange 14-minute drive 680 through sonoma smooth as well. light volume of traffic. taillights over the great, a little moisture lo, low clouds cover should clear up. construction scattered all over the area already some picking up for 17. reminder still around granite creek and summit because of
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ongoing repair work. now we'll help you fill up your tank no matter where you're going. nbc area and 76 want to help you fill up the tank. if you don't win the gas for life at participating stations, keep the scratcher card go to or facebook, click on nbc bay area morning news. that's "today in the bay." we'll get you a chance for that $50 gas card. >> thank you, mike. 5:19. police are looking for copper thieves who vandalized schools hitting one four times in the last week. someone stole copper from alice fon alternative school four times last week. police had a suspect description but so far haven't released details. last sunday two men stole copper rain gutters from the french school on ortega street. so far no arrests made in either incident. investigators also trying to figure out if both crimes are related.
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san francisco's police chief will be evaluated today after 100 days on the job. the chief will appear before the san francisco police commission for his review. he took over in april filling the spot when the previous chief became district attorney. he had a tough 100 days. he was recently booed out of a community meeting in the bay area after last month's deadly officer-involved shooting. while the community is not entirely happy with him politicians seem to be. at a recent mayor's debate every candidate said they would keep his on as chief. it's 5:20 right now. b.a.r.t.'s move against cell phones, details up. a business celebrating a very happy milestone today. one that led to 10 oscars in 25 years. meanwhile should you sell
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your google stock.
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take a look at the reasons coming up.pu
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welcome back, everybody. that is odotco. a pennsylvania boy struck by a hit-and-run driver is back home in his home state. 9-year-old ryan white flew home monday on a specially equipped medical plane. he was critically injured august 4th as he and his family were walking to the hotel from the phillies giants game. accused driver andrew vargas in jail. at a hearing prosecutors reveal they have new evidence against vargas, video from a taxicab that was in that area the night of the crash. the aclu says it will not file suit against b.a.r.t. for shutting off passenger cell
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service. the news comes as s.e.c. continues its investigation into the incident. b.a.r.t. police and the agency's interim general manager decided to shut off on thursday to prevent planned protests. the decision was made without the board's approval. some b.a.r.t. board members say service never should have been cut off. the board president is more diplomatic. he says while he backed the decision, it was a one-time incident. the home of buzz lightyear and incredibles celebrating a major milestone. 25 years ago today emeryville's pixar had its first ever film, a lamp named luxo. the same lamp in the logo today. the company since has had 12 major features earn over $6 billion worldwide. pixar filmmakers have also won 10 academy awards. pixar is a fixture at our house. i bet yours, too, jon. >> absolutely.
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they have done pretty good over there. scott mcgrew is here. the question is how can teens feel free to post on facebook without worrying about too much getting in trouble with the principal of the school. >> they can because the court says they can. good morning. it is a court case. boy, we have seen a lot of court cases involving facebook lately. i'm sure we'll see a lot more. the latest comes out of federal court in indiana. three girls on a sleepover posted suggestive pictures to their facebook while on the sleepover over the summer. they were suspended from school activities as a punishment. a federal judge ruled a principal had no reason to punish students for doing something completely outside of school. hey those guys over at standard & poor's are at it again downgrading doing. when s&p downgraded the united states it was actually good for u.s. financials, bad for google, though. google shares fell 3% on the
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news. google's share of motorola means you should sell the stock. growing concern from the start. google is going to have trouble blending its culture with a fuddy-duddy company like motorola. it's like having grandfather work with you and your friends at the food court. some applaud grabbing motorola patents. some speculate ambassadors could buy nokia or research in motion for the very same reason. apple makes cell phones so they would have to talk to the justice department about that. the patent war more and more serious, nokia and rim, weak companies that could be snapped up quickly. >> big grabbing what they can. >> you did drop a fuddy-duddy. >> 5:26, a bomb scare at a bay area cal tran station. tell you what happened coming up. >> reporter: it was 40 years ago this week that the stanford experiment called the stanford prison experiment, very
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controversial, took place. coming up we'll have live interviews with a couple participants. i'm bob redell. that story coming up. >> tell you where fog could slow you down on the way out the front door. a couple of thick spots. plus that weekend forecast always looking towards the weekend. you've got to get to work first. hey, mikey. >> good morning, christina. ast you hit your morning commute. an incident on that bay bridge could be another issue. we're tracking that carefully.
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i'll give you updates coming up. new this morning, a local man featured on the show "to catch a predator" cleared. details coming up. and a san jose teen stabbed at mcdonald's in downtown san jose. now he wants the owners to pay. good morning, i'm marla tellez live with that story coming up. plus is hewlett-packard's tablet a gigantic flop? take a look coming up.
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take a quick look outside. bay area bridge toll plaza. it's august 17th, this is "today in the bay." good morning to you. thanks so much for joining us. it's 5:30 right now. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm jon kelley for your morning weather update let's check in with sunny christina loren. >> even through the fog. i totally gave myself props, shame on me. a nice day especially inland. we already have clear conditions over in livermore, nine miles of visibility in san jose. you're dropping like a rock up in santa rosa. we're going to tell you when this fog is expected to roll out. i think you might be happy. it's going to roll out a little earlier than last week. a warm-up on the way for the next couple of days before we cool down for the weekend. we'll startette out for you.
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mike, noticing on traffic cams more volume. >> a shift in the flow of traffic as we tend to as more schools hit the roadway. right now bay bridge moving smoothly, disabled vehicle around treasure island may add to slowing. watch for changes over from oakland. getting out of the city construction on the lower deck as well. a's play today. i'll give folks a note there because it's different than the situation yesterday. i'll let you know about a warning for that area. >> okay. we'll check back. 5:31 right now. the owners of a downtown san jose mcdonald's face a lawsuit this morning filed by a teenager after he was stabbed in the parking lot after a nearby concert. "today in the bay's" marla tellez live. >> reporter: good morning. the big fight happened here two months ago actually in the parking lot outside this mcdonald's right at the corner of san carlos and 3rd street. but a lawsuit was just filed in
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santa clara county superior court yesterday. we covered this back in june, june 9th, at 10:00 when it happened. we had video from the evening. among the brawl, 17-year-old was one of five teens stabbed several times. now he's suing the restaurant owners for negligence and premises liability saying they failed to have security or adequate staffing that particular night. now, his attorney tells the mercury news, quote, he's one of the people who they have a duty to protected, which is their customers. now, the attack happened after san jose's popular thursday night music in the park, which draws big crowds to local eateries, such as this mcdonald's afterward. he said he didn't attend music in the park that night. instead he was just a paying customer. he said he was attacked for his ipod. now he wants the mcdonald's owner here to pay for his medical expenses and for the pain and permanent injuries he
5:33 am
suffered. i spoke to a 24-year-old just a few minutes ago this morning outside this mcdonald's. he says he was here that night, he saw what happened. he says it is dangerous here often but he doesn't think the owners are responsible. >> security here is obsolete, doesn't affect anybody. everybody has their own mind. doesn't matter about anything that happens. you have to do what you do at mcdonald's, get your food and leave. >> reporter: back here live, mcdonald's is not opened just yet. you can see the worker here getting ready to open the doors as of 6:00 this morning. they do have security cameras, 24-hour surveillance video on the walls here. also you can't even park in this parking lot until it opens at 6:00 a.m. it is chained off to customers. whether or not they added this additional security after the june 9th incident, i can't tell you that at this point.
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now, laura, i did put a call into the owners, ruddy and carmen lemus this morning but i didn't get an answer. >> be interesting to hear what they have to say or perhaps their attorneys. thank you very much, marla. a scare brought in the bomb squad overnight but fortunately turned out to be nothing serious. it happened at the downtown caltrain station at 8:00 last night. a taxi driver called police and reported seeing a suspicious looking shopping back near the platform. santa clara county bomb squad x-rayed the bag but could not determine what was inside it. before midnight they used water cannons to spray it as a precaution. as it turned out, the shopping bag belonged to a homeless person. a local man busted on "to catch a predator" has been cleared of wrongdoing. he was acquitted of charges of attempting to have sex with an online decoy posing as a 13-year-old girl from petaluma. he is the only one of 29 men
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prosecuted in the sting to beat the charges. his mother tells "the press democrat" they will likely sue the show's producers. she says she and her husband have spent more than $100,000 to defend their son. today marks the 40th anniversary of the stanford prison experiment, a controversial exploration into what normal people will do when put in a prison environment of the volunteer guards surprised researchers with their brutality. prisoners surprised people with their seeming inability to give up and quit. bob redell joins us live from the former site of the mock prison. bob, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, jon. in 1971 stanford psychologist wanted to research how normal people would adapt and react when put into a powerless situation. he enlisted 24 volunteers, all of them men, each randomly assigned to play the roll of a prisoner or a guard for two weeks at 15 bucks a day.
5:36 am
now, this basement here in jordan hall was the site of this mock prison. right over here if i open this door you see what remains of what was known as the hole. this was solitary confinement. behind me are the three rooms. these were made to look like prison cells. you can see today they are just normal labs but they had caged doors on them back then, if you want to take a look at this video that kept the 12 prisoners locked inside. the prisoners were assigned a number and clothed in nothing more than a smock. the guards in uniforms, mirered sunglasses and batons. first day normal, day two they revolted, refusing orders. they punished them forcing them fig naked, removing mattresses, not letting them go onthe bathroom, harassment and intimidation. a few guards days before normal nice guys turned into sadistic officers. what's remarkable is the prisoners themselves tolerated this. some of them were suffering
5:37 am
emotional breakdowns and yet they did not get up and quit in spite of the fact this was, remember, a volunteer experiment. well, on day five things changed. five prisoners did quit by going through a pretend parole process and day six his girlfriend and grad student found the conditions appalling convinces him to shut down this experiment on day six. several years ago this experiment came back into the focus of the public view. might recall abu ghraib prison scandal when soldiers accused of tore touring iraqi prisoners, many made compare sons to what happened here to what happened here years ago. prisoner 1037 one of those prisoners paroled earlier in this experiment. we'll also talk to one of the guards known as john wayne, considered to be the most brutal of the officers down here that
5:38 am
week. reporting live from stanford, i'm bob redell. >> interesting historien our backyard. 5:37. still waiting to find out if a man involved in the shooting death of a bay area toddler will be extradited to the bay area. 2-year-old willie torrence believed to be the driver in the shooting death of carlos nava. he's in las vegas with another court appearance scheduled for tomorrow. yesterday carlos nava was laid to rest. he was killed last week when he was caught in the cross fire of that shoot-out. tragic. >> heart wrempblinching every te see that story. christina loren. >> good morning to you. we've got fog out there. usual suspects fogged in. golden gate bridge, areas of marin county. thick pockets of fog but it's not going to last that long, take a look at the future cast in a moment. the thickest fog we are seeing, most dense pockets in santa rosa. watch out for that.
5:39 am
we're down to a mile and a quarter visibility. elsewhere looking good, 10 miles or better. san jose you fall into nine miles. a mostly cloudy start. future cast shows stopping the clock at 8:00 a.m. we are going to see a lot of clearing. see that marine layer back out to sea. 10:00 a.m., a gorgeous day in oakland. have to wait until 10:00 and noon for the fog to push back in the city. hey, see that sunshine before noon today in san francisco as a result 74 degrees, 86 for fremont, 77 santa cruz today. 89 in concord. the warmest day of the week. all downhill from here. that forecast in moments. get you out that front door 5:39. how do we look, mike. >> all right. some earlier accidents from the roadway, disabled vehicle on the upper deck of the bay bridge. a look at the toll plaza where we saw an earlier back-up. cash lanes cleared up, all toll lanes open.
5:40 am
we have seen a shift in traffic flow over the last couple of days. see if that affects the volume today. disabled vehicle approaching treasure island. over here the a's playing. midday game, expect noontime traffic passing coliseum a's versus o's. oakland airport, doing additional work for airport connector, it's across the freeway from the coliseum but traffic through the area, a lot of people have shortcuts. be advised it might affect your shortcut to the coliseum. back to you guys. >> good to know. thank you very much. time is 5:40. get a load of this. how you can take center stage on a hit nbc show coming up. we'll tell you all about it. >> santa clara stepping forward in its efforts to bring 49ers south. first 9/11
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5:42 am
attacks will not be welcome at this year's memorial service.
5:43 am
welcome back, time is 5:42. president obama ending his american bus tour today. "today in the bay's" brian more live in washington with what he's going and what he'll do when he returns to washington. good morning, brian. >> hi, jon. the white house is calling this a presidential listening tour. let's be honest, it sure sounds a lot like a campaign. the president heading to two town hall meetings in illinois today. we're finding breaking news from the associated press that the president in early september is going to issue a major policy speech in which he outlines his economic recovery plan. he hopes to cut some taxes, create some new jobs through infrastructure and create long-term health for the unemployed. but there are also going to be some major, major budget cuts. the president is going to try to go beyond that $1.5 trillion target that has been set by congress and that congressional super committee.
5:44 am
but the president will outline this all in early september. tomorrow he goes on vacation after three days of ming ling with midwesterners. he'll be heading to upscale martha's vineyard. a lot of contributes on both sides of the political aisle who do not believe this is the right tone for the president to be setting in these tough economic times. jon. >> next 12 months heading to that election is going to be a nonstop adventure. thank you very much. 5:44 right now. first to respond, last on the list. 2,000 firefighters and first responders to ground zero some from the bay area are not invited to this year's september 11th memorial. these are never before seen photos of task force leader from menlo park. he risked his life during september 11th rescue efforts. however, he along with 64 area first responders will not be in new york city for the 10 year memorial for ground zero. a spokesman for michael bloomberg said, quote, while we
5:45 am
are again focused on accommodating victims family members given our space constraints we're work ongoing ways to rec recognize and honor first responders and other groups at different places and times. the task force leaders says he understands not having room for out of state responders but can't understand why local ones are not invited. >> i think that's a mistake their town. they are the ones who ran in when this all happened. >> bloomberg's office argues first responders have not been invited to the past nine memorial services. >> 5:45, time for a weather trick. christina will tell us it's hotter but still cool out. >> when you're around jon kelley, it's always cool. little miss sunshine next to him so we balance it out. a little fog, but not hanging around all day. i think it will clear san francisco by 11:00 a.m. today.
5:46 am
that's what our future cast is showing us anyhow. as a result you're going to get a gorgeous day in the city, san francisco, oakland, beautiful, even santa cruz. livermore looking good along the peninsula. to have reduced visibility holding on in santa rosa. if you're waking up, getting ready to take the kids to school, give yourself extra time and take it easy. looking good for temperatures, warm inland. not talking about the triple digits not even the mid-90s. as warm as the areas 60 at 8:00 a.m. concord. temperatures jumping up to 75. fairfield at 82 degrees. 4:00 p.m. when our highs come in this time of year, 90 degrees in fairfield. a little warm out there. you know sins inland, nice at the coast, 74 san francisco, 77 santa cruz.
5:47 am
we continue to warm up for today. we start to crop off tomorrow by 1 degree. 83 by friday and 70s return sunday through tuesday. another cooldown in august. that cooldown is going to clear out air quality as well. nice pressure system on the way. check your drive if you're on the way to work, what are we looking at. >> pressure once we get to work but not a problem on the roadways right now. a lot of these areas, all construction areas reporting clear. overnight work those folks calling it a day or night or morning. whatever you call it, a lot of hard work picked up here including highway 17, still have construction south of the summit. ongoing roadwork one-way traffic control south, summit grand creek. keep that independent mind. should clear by the time of the bulk of the traffic. great weather, head to santa cruz. prepare for delays highway 17 that's for sure later today. now throughout this area livermore warm today, right now starting to heat up the morning commute as well 16-minute drive
5:48 am
slowing out of the altamont pass. livermore, shift starting, higher volume, no major issues but slowing around dublin interchange. construction from al costa towards ruggier next few minutes, no major delays concord, slowing in antioch. that will kick off now and continue to build over the next hour, getting slow soon. show you that coming up. jon, back to you. >> thanks, mike. as you heard santa clara paving the way for a new football stadium. city leaders agreed to join california's optional redevelopment agency plan. a large portion of the redevelopment money will be used to pay for the 49ers new stadium. they will pay to keep the new agency $11 million this year and a little less than $3 million each year after that. >> it's 5:48 right now, the giants dealing with yet another injury this morning. pitcher jonathan sanchez tried to field a bunt in the third
5:49 am
inning but he slipped, ended up leaving the game with the braves shortly after that with an ankle sprain. the rest of the game didn't go the giants way, lost 2-1 in the 11th. today's game against atlanta at 4:10. meantime a's snapped a four-game losing streak, doubled up the orioles thanks in part to josh willing hem who had two runs, a's won 8-4. two teams play again at 12:35. call this bmoc, big man on campus. bay area quarterback gracing "sports illustrated" this morning. si cover boy with annual college preview hits stands today. that's stanford's andrew luck. the only west coast player to make the cover this year. thanks to him stanford pumped up, ranked number four in the country's preseason rankings. he decided, if you recall not to go pro deciding to play one more year at his alma mater and so far starting strong. >> yeah, got to love college ball.
5:50 am
it's back. think you have what it takes to be on the hit so "the voice"? follow in the footsteps of san francisco native or san francisco's and become a contestant as a winner. a casting call in south san francisco next week. tryouts next tuesday august 23rd at a south san francisco conference center. can you start lining up at 5:00 a.m. and casting starts at 7:00 a.m. >> you're going to think i'm kidding but i'm going to nominate you. i've heard you hum and sing around the newsroom. it's nice. >> i don't think i'll qualify. i think i'm a little older. >> still looking good. >> thank you. in coming up how you can ge tei in to get rid of the plan for the beloved bay area golf course.
5:51 am
is hewlett-packard's new
5:52 am
5:53 am
tablet a gigantic flop? welcome back. live look outside san mateo bridge. traffic picking up. we are getting close to 6:00. 5:53 right now. >> laura, the man convicted of two high-profile crimes in oakland will serve 75 years to life in prison after all. a state appeals court is upholding conviction of 23-year-old adams. adams carjacked state leader don per ada, also robbed a gas station. during the robbery he opened fire and a stray bullet paralyzed a 10-year-old boy practicing on his piano. adams accused the judge and prosecutors in the case of misconduct. but a state appeals court rejected his appeal. a san jose community could lose its local golf course.
5:54 am
city council will discuss the plan to sell the rancho dell pueblo golf course located near south king road. mayor says selling the property would eras $2 million from the budget. he plans to build housing units on the 4-acre property. says building houses would create more traffic. a fight over who controls the maverick surf contest could be settled today. jeff clark considered the godfather of mavericks is locked in a battle with his ex-wife katherine for control of the contest. tonight the san mateo harbor district will decide which have them gets the permit to hold the annual event. both jeff and katherine will be at tonight's meeting. earlier this month they said, yes, they are working on a plan to bring both sides together. they could unveil it tonight. visitors clam oregon to visit
5:55 am
the national monument apparently because of a certain movie starring james franco and monkeys. park officials say since the movie rise of the "planet of the apes" 5,000 people visiting the park every day. there's a scene where the apes run mild over golden gate bridge and escape to the woods. here is a trick, the movie wasn't filmed there. the filmmakers took pictures to help them with cgi, that's computer graphics stuff. the park hasn't seen this many visitors in years. no signs of apes, though. >> yet. thank you very much. scott mcgrew somewhere hidden in a warehouse the chain store best buy had a secret. >> you know the final scene of raiders of the lost ark, imagine it looks something like that, some sort of warehouse. a report in the "wall street journal" says best buy is storing a quarter million touch pads, the tablet computer from hewlett-packard and only sold about 25,000 of them so far.
5:56 am
put that in perspective. apple sells four times as many ipads, 100,000 every single day. best buy left with a huge stack of touch pads. they cut the price of the touch pad in an attempt to spur sales. yesterday we told you how the city of san jose wanted to cut down on the number of catalogs in your mail becomes. this morning google says it has an ipad app to put them on the ipad. browse all you want, no recycling needed. funny thing ipad no android app despite the fact google makes android. google a sell on recommendations from standard & poor's. more on that in the next hour. wells fargo based in san francisco charging some customers $3 a month to start using debit cards not in california. facebook will be in court this morning to ask a judge to throw out a claim from a fellow on the east coast. he says he owns a significant portion of facebook in and out
5:57 am
of courts. facebook says it has forensic proof he's a fake. >> forensic. thank you very much. >> i dig all that "csi" stuff. time is 5:56, east bay city talking about a curfew for min ors. details in a live report. plus san francisco police on the lookout for what appears to be a serial bank robber. and as you're waking up and getting moving this morning we're going to help you get those kids dressed and out that front door to the bus stop this morning. some places they may need a jacket. we'll show you where. fog creeping in reduced vicinity, those numbers as well. >> that visibility a big concern wer your morning drive.ous llth to fact you as ll as this incident, this just in, another accident in the middle of an interstate.
5:58 am
i'll show you where and the
5:59 am
problems it's already causing.


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